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Live Economically With 2 Bedroom House Plans

2 Story House PlanThe combination of an economic slowdown and folks becoming more environmentally responsible has created a trend towards building smaller, simpler homes. Our collection of 2 bedroom house plans and modest vacation house plans includes plenty of economically-sized house plans that will allow you to comfortably downsize, while saving money on energy bills. Simple, 2 bedroom house plans don't have to lack in features. Many of our smaller house plan styles include features that you would expect in larger homes, such as walk in closets, snack bars in the kitchen, covered front porches, and vaulted ceilings. Because our 2 bedroom house plans make efficient use of space, you are able to enjoy the comforts of a larger home while leaving a smaller footprint on the earth and your wallet.

The Tiny House Plans Trend

Tiny House PlanWe're all familiar with the general "Bigger is Better" belief that seems to have filtered through nearly every aspect of American life. Housing, of course, has been no exception. But recent economic changes have spawned a growing movement away from super-size living as of late, ala the tiny house plans trend.

Born of the "simple life" movement, this quality over quantity mentality has many benefits - not the least of which are simple home plans that are easier on the pocketbook and the environment. This is not to say, however, that tiny house plans are for everyone. A fast-growing family in a simple, one bedroom cabin for instance, makes as little sense as a single adult in a sprawling 2 bedroom colonial.

More Than Just Simple Home Plans

Whether you choose a spacious 2 Bedroom home or charming, tiny house plans, selecting your floor plan from RDS means you'll get far more than just a set of simple home plans. Once you've placed your order, you'll receive precise, builder-ready blueprints to get you one step closer to groundbreaking!

Our advanced search options make it possible to filter for the features you want. 2 Bedroom suites? Check. Tiny dimensions? Check. Get started looking for the 2 bedroom home or tiny country cabin you've been dreaming of today!