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Carriage House Plans : Making A Comeback

Carriage House PlanThe carriage homes of yesterday were often seen alongside large manor homes, and typically served the dual purpose of providing storage for the family's carriage, and living quarters for the staff. The carriage house gradually lost popularity as cars replaced carriages, and as live-in staff became less common. However, carriage house plans have recently seen a resurgence in popularity due to the additional living space they provide for aging parents and in-laws, and adult children who are living at home longer than in generations past.

Today's carriage house plans generally refer to two-story, detached garages with a comfortable apartment on the upper level that is used for visitors, live-in family members, or as a rental unit. In some areas of the United States, carriage houses are more commonly referred to as garage apartments.

The Appeal of Garage Apartment Plans

Garage Apartment PlanThere are a variety of economic and social factors that explain the growing demand for garage apartment plans. One factor is the aging baby boomer population, coupled with the fact that young adults wait longer to "leave the nest" than in decades past. The additional need for space has led more families to consider guest house plans as an alternative to retirement homes for their parents, or as living space for adult children.

Additionally, many young families are using garage apartment plans and carriage houses as a way to save money or pool finances with able-bodied parents. Even without financially strapped children, some homeowners are increasingly turning to garage apartment plans as a source of rental income to help cover rising property taxes and other costs.


Versatile Guest House Plans

As we've outlined above, the blueprints for our guest house plans are now commonly used as more than just a private and comfortable space for guests. This versatility is often considered one of the most attractive things about modern carriage house plans and garage apartments - after they've served their original purpose, a carriage house then becomes a lucrative rental property or a fantastic space to house a guest. The possibilities are endless!

If you have any questions about our plans for carriage houses, garage apartments, or other garage building plans that we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@rdshomeplans.com. Happy Browsing!