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Cottage House Plans : Storybook Charm

Cottage House PlanThough cottage house plans are typically smaller home designs, they lack nothing when it comes to detail. Also referred to as bungalows, these homes pack a lot of style in a small space. The storybook charm of cottage home plans comes from the ornate details and distinctive layouts remind you of times past.

Exquisite detailing is considered a hallmark of the cottage house plan. Elaborate paneling and entryways, ornamental chimneys and balconies, and decoratively shingled, gable roofs are all common design elements that showcase the cottage home plan. These house plans leave a small footprint but make a big impact when it comes to style and usable living space. Cottage house plans are often used as secondary homes or vacation home plans, so they are commonly seen alongside lakes or in seaside towns.

Cottage Home Plans : Heritage

Cottage House PlanCottage home plans are thought to have originated in the Middle Ages, as homes for peasant workers and their families. In the mid 19th century, these small homes gained popularity in the U.S. in the Cape Cod area. The surge in popularity can be largely credited to the work of Andrew Jackson Downing and Alexander Jackson Davis, who penned a highly influential pattern book of cottage-style homes in 1842. The book blended romantic architecture with the traditional design of the English country house, and is credited with starting a sweeping interest in cottage house plans throughout America.