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Guest House Plans to Fit Your Life

Guest House PlansIs your home practically bursting at the seams? Whether it's college-age children home for the summer, live-in in-laws or frequent long-term visitors, guest house plans could be just what you need to add a little more breathing room to your home. Here at RDS Home Plans, our versatile collection of guest house plans offers a wide variety of sizes, floor plans and architectural styles to ensure a perfect fit with your life and living arrangement needs.

Spacious Guest House Plans

Guest House Plans Though garage apartments and carriage house plans can serve the same purpose, neither provides nearly as much in terms of flexibility and available options as a traditional guest house. Unlike these smaller scale solutions, guest house plans typically allot a greater percentage of floor space to actual living quarters versus the more even garage/living space split that is so typical of carriage houses and garage apartments. Though square footage varies, many guest homes fall somewhere in the range of 1,000 to 1,500 square feet and often feature anywhere from one master suite to three full bedrooms. A full kitchen and one to three full/half-bath combinations are common as well. Whereas it is uncommon to find garage apartments with more than four rooms total, guest home plans often feature additional separate spaces as dining rooms, living rooms or even home offices.

Don't spend another minute in cramped, close-quarters. Start browsing our collection of guest house plans and other garage building plans today!