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Ranch Home Plans and Beyond

Ranch Home PlanIf you love the open, spacious feel of single level ranch home plans, then there are quite a few similar styles that you'll want to consider as you shop for new home plans.

Contemporary house plans share much in common with the classic ranch style. An abundance of natural light and open floor space, as well as a general "minimalist" approach are among the key similarities between these two designs. Notable differences include a departure from the typical single level bent of the ranch home, and a strong infusion of natural or "industrial" building materials.

Traditional home plans also showcase some hallmark features of ranch house plans including an open layout and minimal ornamentation. However, this particular style isn't exclusively single level, and can be incredibly diverse - making it a great fit for those who desire openness and simplicity but desire features that aren't typically associated with a ranch.

Single Level House Plans vs Two Story House Plans

Single Level House PlanCertainly, there are a number of pros and cons for multiple and single level house plans alike. For those of you who are considering purchasing single level ranch home plans but aren't convinced you want a single story home, you may appreciate this list of the benefits of single level house plans:

  • Spacious open floor plan
  • Free circulation of air
  • Abundance of natural light
  • Less steps = child & senior friendly

Variations on Classic Country Home Plans

Like the ranch, there are several variations on the classic country home plan. One example is cottage house plans, which offer the same cozy and charming ambiance often associated with country home plans. Unlike the typical country house, these plans are much more ornate, making up for small size with charming and sometimes intricate details. They also make use of overhanging roofs and use a variety of natural materials to create varying textures.

Farmhouse house plans too, have much in common with country homes. Like the calling card of the country house, this style often includes a prominent front porch area. The farmhouse is also typically two stories and features a pitched roof.