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Simple House Plans for Every Budget

Affordable House PlanContrary to popular belief, building a new home doesn't have to break the bank. A look through our online portfolio of affordable home plans should be enough to convince any skeptic that simple house plans don't necessarily mean boring house plans - or even small ones for that matter! We've got a wide variety of simple house plans available for everything from large, spacious family homes to intricately detailed cottage floor plans, and more!

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Small House Floor Plans?

Small House PlanThe popularity of small home plans has surged recently due to a trending focus on fiscal and environmental responsibility, combined with the fact that many aging baby boomers are looking to downsize to a smaller home. Proponents of a growing movement toward small house floor plans argue that small home designs are about living your life as it is today instead of how it might be someday, or how it was in years past. Rather than thinking of their home as a space to be filled, small home advocates make housing decisions based on the idea that a house should be a space to fit the action of their lives.

One way to figure out if small house floor plans might be for you is to consider how you use the space in your current home. Do you find that the majority of your time is spent in most of your time in just one or two rooms? Are the rooms in your house brimming with furniture, decor and the like - or are you something of a minimalist? If you find that your home has lots of unused space and you enjoy a minimalistic style, then small house floor plans may be well suited to your lifestyle.