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Small Home Plans : A Growing Trend

Small  Home PlanAre you considering downsizing to a smaller home? You're not alone! In line with a growing national trend, many homeowners are beginning to seek small home plans in contrast to the sprawling, suburban "McMansions" that have gained in popularity over the last decade. Small home plans are well-suited to the simplistic lifestyle preferred by many of today's young couples, and they provide economical living space for retirees who don't want to spend a lot of time and money maintaining a large home. Others are just looking for a more economical and environmentally conscious lifestyle, for which small home plans are ideal. And you don't have to sacrifice features just because you are downsizing the footprint of your home. Efficient use of space in our small home floor plans allows us to include plenty of "big home" features such as covered front porches, kitchen breakfast bars, and walk in closets.

Advantages to Small Home Floor Plans

Small Home PlanRDS offers a versatile collection of small home floor plans that appeal to both first time homeowners, as well as the more seasoned crowd that is looking to downsize to a smaller home. We offer designs that are attractive in both rural and urban settings so you are sure to find the small home plans that are perfectly suited to your lot.

There are many benefits to having a smaller home, including the fact that a smaller home typically means a smaller yard and less upkeep. In keeping with the better over bigger mentality, a small home floor plan can also mean more money to spread around for all the extra special touches like detailing and exterior finishing. Perhaps most enticing for the eco-friendly homeowner, small home floor plans mean smaller utility bills - a less-is-more advantage that benefits your budget as much as it does the environment!

The wide selection of inexpensive house plans available in our online portfolio is a true representation of quality over quantity. Start browsing today to find the little house you've been dreaming of!