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The Small House Plans Revolution

Small House PlanIn the recent past, the "bigger is better" mentality ruled everything-including house plans. Now thanks to a growing environmental movement, uncertain economy and extraordinary advances in design innovation and technology, small is making a comeback in a big way! From an environmental perspective, a smaller house goes a long way in reducing your footprint by requiring fewer resources from beginning to end. Typically, small house plans conserve resources simply by using fewer materials than their bigger counterparts. Once they're built the benefits of smaller homes continue thanks to reduced energy requirements.

Another factor in the small house plan revolution is their extraordinary affordability. Given the recent turbulence in the economy, living within your means has taken on a new importance in people's lives - one that is likely to last beyond the downturn. Simply because they typically require less materials to build and can be built on smaller lots, small house plans often make financial sense for many who may have previously been locked out of the real estate market or are just looking to save.

Additionally, the same innovation and technology that has shrunk ever-better cell phones and mp3 players to miniscule sizes has fueled a similar shift in everything from furniture to appliances and counter tops. Now stylish beds easily convert to couches, benches morph into tables and microwaves can hold their own against full-scale stoves. The possibilities are endless!

Small House Plan Features

Small House PlanOur collection of unique small house plans is varied and versatile, but some common features of small house floor plans include less confined spaces and a generally open layout. Sloped ceilings and tall windows often help to further expand smaller home plans by adding volume and natural light to the square-footage mix. Large windows also do double-duty as wall decor by borrowing outdoor scenery for ambiance.

Find out more about the many benefits and features of small houses by browsing through the small home floor plans in our online collection today!