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Small Vacation Home Plans you can Afford

Vacation Home PlanSo maybe a Tuscan villa is out of the question, but don't be fooled into thinking that owning your own vacation home is just a hopeless dream. The online portfolio of affordable home designs from RDS features a wide selection of small vacation home plans that can make your dreams of a second home a reality - without breaking the bank!

Common Features of Vacation Home Plans

Vacation Home PlanVacation home plans, like designs for traditional houses, come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Our collection is no exception. Large and small vacation home plans from RDS vary from affordable 2 bedroom house plans to small cottage house plans and everything in between. Regardless of style, most vacation homes do typically feature an open floor plan with a central living area, a large deck and several small bedrooms to accommodate guests. Precisely because they aren't used as a primary residence, vacation homes are also usually outfitted with exterior features and finishes that require minimal maintenance.

Financing your Vacation Home

Still worried about whether or not you can afford a second home, large or small? Consider scheduling your own getaways during off-times, and rent out your vacation home during peak travel seasons. In popular destinations, one week's rental income during peak season can bring in enough to cover the mortgage payment for the entire month! With any luck - and advertisements on several vacation rental websites - you may even earn enough to cover your construction costs, and then some!