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Growing Interest in Vacation House Plans

Vacation House PlanHas your innocent browsing of vacation house plans taken a more serious turn of late? You're not alone. The National Association of Realtors estimates that sales of vacation homes are up more than 25% since the beginning of the decade. If you too are thinking about jumping on the second home bandwagon, there are several criteria you may want to consider in the selection of your vacation house plans.

Small Cottage House Plans or Breezy Beachfront Condo?

Vacation House PlanSize and affordability are, of course, two key issues to consider when selecting a floor plan for your vacation home. If you're a childless couple, small cottage house plans might be a great option. However, if you've got big plans for entertaining - or a growing family, you may want to opt for roomy, 2 bedroom house plans in lieu of the cozy comfort of a small cottage. If you're concerned about your getaway home being economical, you may want to consider the option of leasing it out during off-peak vacation seasons when you don't intend to use it.

Another factor to consider in your choice of floor plan? Location. The design of your vacation floor plan and housing style should match with the particular aesthetics and climate of the area you choose to build in. Going back to our previous example, small cottage house plans might be just right tucked into a snow-covered mountainside, but a small cottage would be a little less appropriate on the Miami beachfront. Be it a small cottage or a sprawling ranch, above all else, the floor plan you choose should be one that you can live with - even if it's only for a few days at a time!