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About Us

Residential Design Services, Inc. (RDS) is a small privately held company located in St. Louis, Missouri. The company was established by Mike Whelan in 1996 after already serving in the stock plan industry since 1987.

With over 20 years of home design and construction experience, RDS has developed a portfolio of house plans including garage plans, garage apartments, small vacation homes, ranch plans and two story home designs in a variety of sizes and styles. RDS has given each home and garage plan the special attention to detail necessary to make each one exciting, practical and economical.

While our house and garage plans undoubtedly have a Midwestern influence, they have a nation wide appeal as our homes and garages have been built in nearly every state from coast to coast and in several other countries.

As important as it is for us to develop and maintain a portfolio of fresh designs with mass appeal, it is equally important to do so in a manageable environment. Growing pains are almost inevitable in business, but minimizing them is critical to us in order to bring a quality product to market at a competitive price. We understand the pitfalls of growing too rapidly and we know the cost of doing so is at the expense of our customers.

To that end, Residential Design Services, Inc. strives to separate itself from others in the stock plan business by remaining small, offering excellent customer service, keeping our plan prices down and continuing to develop new and exciting designs.